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Maggie Hunts – Bio

Maggie Hunts inspires, delights and energizes audiences using music and humor to opens people’s minds to exciting solutions for living healthy & happy... NOW!

Maggie is an international speaker, consultant and author of ‘It’s A Sweet Life NOW; A Guide to Living Well & Happy With Diabetes.’ Maggie was the opening performer when Mary Tyler Moore was awarded ‘The Woman of the Year’ at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

Maggie received the President’s Award by Women In Film for her success as she shifted careers from 30 years in High Tech to the Entertainment Industry. Maggie hosted & interviewed Jane Russell at the Legacy Awards and has hosted for United Cerebral Palsy, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the American Diabetes Association.

She’s an award winning standup comic and actor who’s performed in over 30 theatrical performances, 5 films (CBS with Mercedes Ruehl in ‘The Lost Child’ for Hallmark Hall of Fame), TV appearances (writing & performing ‘Women & Stress’ for the American Heart Association) and countless commercials & industrials.

Maggie is a unique high-energy entertainer who uses music and laughter to remind us of all the humor in everyday life and we are not alone, no matter what we’re dealing with.

Maggie is a Broadway belter who customizes lyrics to motivate people to take care of themselves. She’s a New Yorker who sees the humor in life, speaks up and expresses her passion to make a difference lightening people up so their dreams can come true!!

She is Mom to daughter Kate, living in Oakland, CA. and wife to Stewart, a Leadership Consultant in Houston, TX.